What a Day It Has Been

January 31, 2005

For reasons I’d rather not get into right now, I’m mentally exhausted. Today feels like the first day I’ve been able to really catch a breath since I graduated from college three years ago.

To be honest, I’m not even really allowed to catch my breath. I have three reviews I should have written this week, one of which I really should have finished for tomorrow. I have games to play and household chores to do. Tomorrow I’m gaming at Brian’s place, checking out some UT mods with him. Wednesday is Poker Night again, and then Thursday night we have the Eberron game.

Next week is going to be me up and running again.

But, to back up, I had a nice weekend.

Friday night we hung out with Eva and Alan, mostly enjoying each other’s company and having a gnosh. The new supporting character that took the place of Sharona on USA’s “Monk” is the girl from “Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place”. I like her, though I’m not sure the writing has been as good since this season began.

Saturday night we hit a movie with Brian and Kat. Finding Neverland, the Johnny Depp movie about J.M. Barrie, was pretty good. Better than I expected certainly. Expect commentary to follow when I get the chance.

Sunday night was the very last session of the Cormyr game. The PCs became NPCs and took their places as fixtures in the nation of Cormyr. My internal gameworld has been moved forward, to be picked up by the next folks I toss into the realms. It’s … very odd thinking about the amount of time we’ve played the Cormyrian campaign. We started it the summer I got back from TESC, and if you count the time off as part of its lifespan it’s seen me through three living spaces, a marriage proposal, four jobs, three freelance gigs, several promotions, over a dozen fish, two PCs, two web hosts, and three Christmases.

In-game the PCs have clocked hundred upon hundreds of miles traveled, probably well over a thousand gobbos killed, five dragons slain, an orchish warband destroyed, a dwarven city imploded, an astral citadel laid to ruin, the foundation of a keep and a town, the growing up of two children, the reunion of a father and his daughter, the rescue of parents by their son, the humiliation of a son by his mother, and the refounding of an entire tribe.

With the Eberron campaign getting put onto Hiatus status at the end of the month because of Katie’s game it looks like I’m just going to be a player for a little while. I have plans for my next game already, of course. This one will rely heavily on modules and will be geared for a group that could be quite large so as to allow some floating. That one is going to allow for a party to go up to 20th level, so who knows how long I could be running that one.

As always, I love the chance to tell stories with people.

Many thanks to Adialana, Katie, Ben, Fure, Brian, Drealec, Aaron, and Grim for the opportunity to do some serious damage to my favorite place in the realms. Well Met, Indeed.

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