And They Lived Happily Ever After

January 31, 2005

Ben’s notes from the final session of the Cormyrian Campaign.

We decide to give Grim’s 24k to that random Draelic charity. We sell most of the loot from the Five: +4 bracers; +5 bracers; amulet +2 prot; amulet +2 prot; +3 chain shirt; +1 flaming burst longsword; +3 amulet of nat. armor; +2 flaming burst longsword; +5 studded leather, +3 adamantine flaming burst greataxe; +3 adamantine greataxe

We’re invited to the castle on the last day of the month. In the area where, in the alternate universe we fought the Five, are large tents and a stage. Filfarel gives a cool speech about how we rock “everybody’s” socks; random cool folk we met are there to celebrate our ascention. This day will henceforth be the day of the Purple Star. There’s a huge feast and party.

I take jewelled box (found in temple to Helm in Underdark) to temple of Helm in Suzail.

Adi gives us all cool purple sending stone things. We’re appreciative. They rock.

Adi and I head up to the Keep. She visits her father; I start working on magic items and casting stoneshape and such to help with the defenses (takes about 2 months).

Grim takes a contingent of PDKs up to the Keep, and begins his reign as the leading badass. He starts up with a Cormyrian / barbarian culture thing, and such. Adi and I and Grim and the war wizards stationed there construct a wall around the keep and dinky town and some space around there as well for expansion. Anada comes up to help with the Keep too. Grim gets her to help spreading rumors about gold in them thar hills to get adventurers to go in and help us clean up. Grim leads several successful campaigns to clear out the surrounding lands, including one which unearths a small clutch of blue dragons. Several soldiers die, but
Grim discovers a nice little horde of dragony goodness to supplement the Keep’s finances to fund future expeditions and bounties on major local baddies.

Vagerdehast and Maya come in and setup a 2-way gate between the Keep and the castle in Suzail. We setup the gate in the base of the tower at the Keep; it goes to a trellised archway with roses and such in the castle in Suzail. Maya gets stationed at the keep to work with folks and do stuff. Go us!

Draelic goes to wander the wilds for a while (during said 2 months). Also he kicks some major ass in the regional archery championships. Grim goes up to the Keep and begins his reign as the leading badass. Adi divides her time between the keep and the Purple Star. I head to Sembia
to help clear up the Church problems there. Draelic volunteers to come with; his presence is much appreciated.

Draelic and I get the rebellion going in Sembia. We get help from the Cormyrian Church to help with new administration and such. I’m temporarily installed as the high priest of Sembia, but manage to extricate myself from that by the end of the year. With Helm again a force for good in the people’s lives, and a secular government founded on principles of goodness and light installed, we return to the Keep.

The town has grown and has become self-supporting. Mort is discussing plans to open various shops in the town as well. All is well.

Adi throws a huge festival in honor of Draelic’s birthday, inviting all his family that she can find. He drinks heavily.

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