Do The Shuffle

January 27, 2005

Katie and I have new toys as of today. I came home to a box from Apple, with two iPod Shuffles awaiting us.

Setup –

The software CD installed a driver and the newest version of iTunes, then prompted me to sync the Shuffle to get it recognized. The Shuffle gets music (and power) via a USB connection. On Katie’s PC it conveniently slots into a front ports. On my machine, I have to tip it forward to get to the USB slots. Not a problem in the long run, as I’ve ordered a cradle that will allow me to sync and charge the lil’ beast on my desk. With the software installed and everything filled out it was time to fill the beast.

I opened iTunes, and loaded up some music. With the Shuffle slotted on your computer, you have a big button that says “Fill iPod”. You can choose playlists to fill it from or fill from your whole library. You can also manually add songs if you want. It took about 20 minutes to fill the iPod entirely with songs. Many of my mp3s are 128 kbps, and I fit 257 songs (roughly 7 and half hours of music) onto the stick of a portable.

Use –

I’m going to be using this on my way into and during work tomorrow, so I’ll have more impressions then. Tonight, I wore it while I was making dinner. I had the pleasure of doing up pasta and a sauce to Nina’s 99 Luft Balloons, Abba’s Dancing Queen, and Bob Seger’s Old Time Rock N’ Roll.

The Shuffle ads suggest that you “Give Your Life a Soundtrack”. Nice slogan. I’ll see how it works out, but so far I’m pleased with the ease of setup and use.

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