Up To My Neck in Review Materials

January 24, 2005

The pile of review materials I’m working on seems to be growing higher rather than lower.

Case in point, the books I’m working through at the moment.

Gamers is a retrospective about various individuals who may at one point have played a video game. It’s sort of pompous crap, and will be the easiest review to write. Bad reviews are easy. With a bad review, I know exactly what I want to say because I understand my own annoyance with a piece of media. Good reviews (like for the following two books) are hard because I have to quantify what I like about the $thing.

A Theory of Fun for Game Design is probably the most accessible design book I’ve read since … well, since I started reading game design books. It’s readable even, I think, by a layperson audience. I want to get that across in my review, and if I ever get my act together (sorry Raph) Raph Koster has agreed to answer some questions for me about the book.

Difficult Questions About Videogames may end up not getting reviewed for Slashdot, but when I finish skimming it I’ll definatley put something up here. It’s essentially a forum thread in book form. The editors put together a series of questions and sent them out via email to a bunch of gaming industry peeps. The result is an incredibly diverse selection of the thinking in the industry today. I don’t know if the review I would put together is worth putting on Slashdot (hmmm…maybe just a sectional), but it makes for interesting thinking.

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