Games, Napping, Alton

January 18, 2005

An all around lovely weekend. And a long one to boot.

Friday night Katie and I went over to Jeff and Viv’s to assist the humans in assembling a righteous LAN gaming space. This included the movment of an enormous metal rack system for use in the layout of the room. We ended up having two tremendous tables of gamery goodness, and much fun was had. Details in a Gaming post to follow.

Monday I took the day off because, to be honest, I hadn’t been feeling all that hot throughout the weekend and I felt the need to get some extra rest. Frustration abounded as our net connection was down for most of the day, preventing me from getting much of anything done on non-dsc project/work fronts. I managed to survive by doing a lot of napping. We finished up the evening by watching Cardcaptor Sakura and Disney’s Brother Bear. The movie was relatively okay. Notes in a Movies post to follow.

This Friday Brian, Kat, and I are heading to Milwaukee to listen to Alton Brown give a talk and have some fondue. Saturday Katie, her folks, my mom, Mary Dee, and I are having dinner at Vin Santo’s. Other than that going to try to survive the week with as few scars as possible. Though, I do need to brave sharp objects today or tomorrow. I need a haircut something fierce.

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