The Girl is Granulated

January 13, 2005

I’ve been so busy being productive and stuff that I plumb didn’t get a chance to log yesterday.

Tuesday night Katie and I went shopping for various and sundries. She had some Barnes and Noble gift cards to spend, and let me have about ten bucks or so of the money to get something too. I used it as an excuse to buy Alton Brown’s newest book. I just now realized that now I’ll be prepared for his talk next week, and (additionally) I could bring it to have him sign it. Weird. After Barnes and Noble we … A side note. It’s Barnes and Noble. Not Barnes and Nobles. Learned that the hard way when I was working there and misspoke it once too often. Anyway, after BN we went over to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and picked up a ton of stuff we’ve been missing out on. A cast iron skillet and a micro-plane grater were the two purchases I was jonesing. Our primary purpose there, though, was to purchase Katie’s graduation present from me. Namely, a new set of bedstuff. We got a quilt, new sheets, pillowcases, throw pillows, and a really soft throw for the end of the bed. I’ll get a picture sometime soon so you can see our new hotness.

I’m probably going to get in trouble for mentioning the possibility of Katie graduating in public, but there it is. Unless something completely out of left field comes at her she’s pretty much good to go, paid up and credits in. She’s still worried the gods of asinine paperwork won’t let her go that easily but I am brimming with confidence.

Yesterday we did some late-winter cleaning, recovering still from the holiday disorder. The tree was disposed of on Monday and yesterday we finished packing up the holiday junk. I was going to go to Poker last night, but the torrential rain and amount of stuff we had to do last night made me decided to be a homebody. I got some more Halo 2 in for my review and just before bed we hopped online to check out the new content in City of Heroes. I used my free respec, ditching reluctantly out of Flight and into Super Jumping. I decided I really could use those enhancement slots elsewhere. The loss of an underused power (Lightning Field) even allowed me to fill out my Fitness pool, so now I’m a mad health and endurance regenerating machine.

Tonight Katie and I are meeting with our travel agent to discuss 3vil, then I’m heading over to Alan’s for Eberron gaming.

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