White Roadblock

January 5, 2005

So, we didn’t end up going over to Mary Dee’s after all.

It’s still snowing pretty hard, and by the time I’d left work we were already at 5 inches or so. We’re supposed to get up to a foot tonight. ::brr::

Instead, Katie and I stayed in and hung out. She and I headed to a Guardians of Azeroth gathering for a group photo, the best of which I’ll be able to link to from the GOA site. In the meantime I’ve gotten around to putting up my screencaps since the game went retail. They’re available in the new Retail Gallery. I’m going to be cleaning up both that one and the Beta gallery over time to get the junk out of there so you’ll have less to wade through.

After having some fun online we watched the Cardcaptor Sakura Movie. She is so neat!

Love that series.

Look forward tomorrow or the day after for my review of Burnout 3, and if you’re so inclined go check out some lovely snow shots I took over in my timeframe specific gallery for the Winter of 2004/2005. I decided that I want to keep taking random shots, but I need a structure to do so. Thus, a Random Photos Gallery. I promise to have more than just shots of Gracie in there too, soon.

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