Reality Returns

January 3, 2005

Saturday and Sunday were spent in nigh-onto comatose states. Any semblence of circadian rhythm I may have had was destroyed by meeting folks at 6 in the morning on Sunday to see Erik off. He spent the day winging across the country to Portland, Oregon. There, he’s going to finish up his undergraduate studies in the earth sciences.

I’m really happy for the guy. Just got an email from him saying that the trip went well (and he was bumped to 1st class).

Going to have to hit the hay soon to attempt to salvage my sleep schedule. Other than Wednesday dinner at Mary Dee’s for Mom’s birthday, the near future looks pretty calm.

The first half of the year has plenty already booked for it though. A trip to Milwaukee to see Alton Brown, a LAN party, dinner with Mom, Mary Dee, and the Giacomini’s, the girl and I’s last Feb. 14th anniversary, the Final Fantasy Concert, and (gulp) hopefully a convention.

Monday it’s back to reality. If I can get a review out and some stuff done at work I’ll consider my first week back a success.

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