Aught 4 Recap

January 1, 2005

I personally had a phenomenally important year this year. It was not all bedknobs and broomsticks, but it was pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

My 2004 in a Nutshell –

Was given my own column on MMORPGDot.
Proposed to my long-term girlfriend.
Second trip in my lifetime to DisneyWorld.
Wrote 40+ pages in a book published by O’Reilly Books.
Helped run Live Role-Playing Chess at Origins Gamefair.
Was best man in Brian and Kat’s wedding.
Moved with Katie into our own apartment.
Went to GenCon again.
Was hired on as Slashdot Games Sectional editor.
Was bumped from hourly to salaried position at DSC.

Quite a year. In 2005, I get to look forward to: A trip to a video game related convention, another trip to GenCon, my fiancee’s post-undergraduate life, and more writing for Slashdot. Oh yeah, and something about a wedding. And hopefully a honeymoon too!

To everyone reading this: Many thanks for doing so. I hope you’re looking forward to a meaningful and happy New Year too.

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