January 1, 2005

Another year here, and another year gone.

This one certainly has been eventful, though.

I had a three day work week, which was most excellent. Quiet and uneventful all around. Thursday we had the first session of the second module in the Eberron Modules campaign, and I think it went very well. Despite the sometimes questionable merits of the modules, I have bene overwhelmingly pleased with the EBM campaign. Using modules seems to fit well with my GMing style, because I have a basis for my own characters and plot to hang on. Not having to worry about the bedrock of the game is very freeing.

Early on Friday I got my new Xboxen set up. While my deep and abiding love for the World of Warcraft continues unabated (fully reinforced by the boys at Penny Arcade), the games I snagged are pretty awesome. Their addition to my gaming collection, and my intent to review them, means I currently have five games and two books in the queue. The books I’m ready to review now, I just haven’t gotten to. Eich. Burnout 3 is suprisingly good. I would never have thought I could like a racing game as much as I dig this one. The wanton abandon with which they allow you to hurtle your vehicle into intersections probably helps a lot.

Friday night we hit a Hockey game, a special showdown thingie. UW Men vs. Yale. We won in a Sudden Death Overtime Shoot-Out. While both teams seemed somewhat lethargic, the crowd was really into it and it ended up being a pretty exciting game. When we got home we resolved to watch more of the Men’s matches, and instructed our Tivo accordingly.

After the game we headed over to Jabby’s for some socializing and champagne drinking. We were only there for a few hours, but Katie and I both had a nice time hanging with the folks we’ve known for going on 10ish years. Our lethargy and lack of energy of late meant we basically headed home soon after 1 and hit the sack.

Today it has been decreed that we are doing basically nothing. Dishes and Laundry count as nothing, so those are getting done too. Apparently, I have included watching a tv show which hurts me into this decree. Called Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, it stars the two women who did the Teen Titans theme song. The first cartoon I watched featured their bus driver enjoying hay-eating on a piggy farm, where the goats made fudge. /blink

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