Happy Weenmas

December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!

It’s a little after 9:30, and we ended up not sleeping as late as we wanted because the only clock in our place that’s really set right is the alarm clock, and we didn’t go by that when we woke up.


Anyway, my Fiancee is the best evar. Books about ILM Productions, supervillian science, regular science, a very Lovecraftian comic, a pirate ship ornament, and copies of the much beloved Encyclopedia Brown all waited me under the tree.


We’re watching Nightmare Before Christmas (the new DVD edition I purchased Katie), and having nummy cinnamon rolls.

To recap the last day or so, Thursday was a pretty quiet day. Not much to do at work, so that was nice. We were going to just stay put at home, but ended up having dinner with Eva and Alan at Biaggi’s. It was a quiet evening all around, and I had a really nice time.

Christmas Eve day was not so quiet. Around 5 we headed over to Mom’s for dinner, followed by the traditional pilgramige to the Rice-Raineys for hot chocoa and gifts, and then onward to Aunt Norine’s place for more gifting. Purchased PopCap games for the Aunt on her new PC around 11pm, and then homeward for about half an hour of World of Warcraft before bed.

Today we’re going to be stopping by Katie’s aunt’s for a hi-bye kind of moment, presents at my Mom’s place, and dinner tonight at Mom’s home as well. Mmmm…turkey.

The rolls, they call to me. More later.

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