Tis The Season To Writhe and Scream

December 17, 2004

My new favorite slashdot article went up today.

I don’t usually say this, but that was a pretty quick week.

Seems like I’d just dug in for Monday, and now it’s a Friday. Sheesh.

Eberron was sort of relaxed yesterday, did a lot of shopping and book-keeping. Because of our Thursday play-day we aren’t really going to be affected by Holiday, so we’ll be up again and into the second module next week.

Tonight Katie and I are going to lay low, do some laundry and dishes. I’m also going to be making some snacky bits for tomorrow, when we’re going to be watching Return of the King: Extended Edition. This will end our three weekend long LOTR fest with a bang, and I’m definately looking forward to it. Every time I’ve looked at that blue box this week I’ve felt like jumping Frodo’s bones. Figuratively speaking, of course.

We’re going to be doing Christmas early with the Giacomini’s on Sunday, as they’re going to be out of town during the Holiday proper. Should be fun. I think the gifts we’re bringing over will be much appreciated.

Then just a few more days to get through before a pair of four-day weekends. Ahhh…sleep.

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