Hard at Work in the Gaming Mines

December 11, 2004


That was one of the longest days I’ve had in a long long while.

I woke up yesterday at around 7:30 am. Headed out to work, and did my thing until around 5:30. After work I snagged Culver’s for Joe, Abby, and myself as an approximation of dinner. We hung out and had a good time. More people started showing up around 7, and we did the cake cutting before I had to leave.

I managed to stop at home for about 20 minutes to recharge my cellphone and check my direction sense with the Zimmermans.

Wow. 6th graders sure have a lot of energy. Maybe it’s just because I haven’t spent an extended period of time with short folks in a while, but I can’t imagine myself being that rambunctious. Bryan and his friends were very nice, and I know I had a good time running them through the first part of the Sunless Citadel. (fyi: Erich, I ended up just stripping off the back end of the module because of time constraints. We essentially just did the kobolds vs. goblins plot part.) I really hope they had a good time, and it was a pleasure to run them through a dungeon.

After I got home I hopped on World of Warcraft fully intending just to check my mail and then log, as I was already pretty tired when I got home (sometime around 12:30 or so). A chance meeting with a fellow guildmate led, however, to not one but TWO trips into the Deadmines. There were frustrations both times, as the first time I died before Van Cleef did; I was denied the shinies neccessary to get his head. The second time turned out much better. I died again but I got his head. I felt really bad for Screwball, though (my guildie). He was doing Deadmines for one specific piece of armor. The first time through it didn’t drop, but the second time it did. Despite the fact that we’d mentioned that it was the only reason he was in there one of the folks we’d snagged for the pick-up run rolled for it when he did. Screwy got a 1, she got a 99. Gaaah. So frustrating.

I ended up being awake for amost 24 hours and did a looot of gaming. w00t! I think I’m gonna take it easy today. I’m looking forward to some more hot hobbit action. Right now Katie is out with Viv for some shopping and I’m contemplating watching some Nova. I like weekends.

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