Working on the Christmas Spirit

December 6, 2004

I had a pretty durn good weekend.

Friday we did indeed converge on Alan’s place to enjoy Fellowship of the Ring, shown on a wall. Everyone was really cool, quiet, and I think everybody had a lot of fun.

Before the movie we had dinner with Erik and some folks to celebrate Erik’s birthday! Yay for Erik! He also shared the news that as of early next year he’s going to be going to school in Portland, Oregon! Yay Erik! Go dude! w000000!

Saturday we got some more shopping done. At this point we only have a few bits left before our present hunting days are taken care of for this year.

Sunday Katie and I snagged a tree in the morning, and then pretty much just hung out all day. We tried to game in the evening, but that didn’t work out, so I got my Mage up to level 19. Katie’s head was pretty bad last night, so we exchanged Kris Kringle gifts sometime after midnight. I snagged her a copy of Pride and Prejudice and her own Player’s Handbook, and she got me a neat journal and this really cute pail thingie full of snacks.

A low week, looks to be, but shenanigans are in the offing for this weekend.

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