Down in Azeroth

December 3, 2004

This has been a long week back from my little time off, but it’s turned out okay in the end.

Monday’s Eberron game went pretty well I think. Folks were stll recovering from the Holiday, it seemed like, but all in all we got a lot accomplished. They’re out of the dungeon and on their way home…but are they out of danger yet?

Most the rest of the week we’ve done our best to stay out of trouble. Katie’s head has been pretty bad since last weekend’s flair up (grrr), so we’ve been doing a lot of laying low.

I spent a part of this week getting my review together for World of Warcraft, and a bunch of the rest of it playing it. I really think WoW is going to do it; break through the anti-mmog wall that has seperated these games from public conciousness. At least, I hope it will. I’ve been playing with Matt from back west and Mr. Wyman (though on seperate servers). Yay for playing with friends I don’t get to see.

If you have a chance to jump in remember –

Server: Argent Dawn
Guild: Guardians of Azeroth

Tonight is the first night back in the Shire. Long live Bilbo Baggins!

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