November 25, 2004

I’m stuffed with stuffing and other stuff.
Gotta love Thanksgiving.

This has been quite a week. I’ll discuss it….now.

I spoke in front of classes at Memorial High School, for Aaron Pavao. To folks from Mr. P’s classes: Heya. I had a great time. The more advanced classes and I talked about college, hippies, graduation, looking for your first job, and I fielded a couple of excellent questions about the future of the gaming industry. The freshman classes were less interested in the future and more interested in the Xbox Next systems, which I was happy to assist them with.

Then yesterday morning I assisted Katie in reading to the wee ones at Eagle School. I provide a piritanical voice for her tales. We spent most of the afternoon and into the evening doing marriage councilling with our ceremony leader, my Aunt Jaci. I’m not going to say it was the most pleasant experience I’ve ever had, but I think it was really awesome in the end. In the process I got to spend time with my best girls so it was all okay in the end.

Today has been mostly food-licious, because Katie and I were incredible bums and got up late. Gabe and Tycho got back to my with their responses to the interview questions from a short while back, so those are going to go up on Monday.

My WoW review has been delayed thanks to the Thanksgiving goings-on. Hopefully that will go up on the morrow.

More later today or tomorrow on this relaxing week, which I am credibly thankful for.


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  1. Sweet, I am doing random google searches and I run into this. I was once in a Pavao class. But now I attend Shabazz City High School. That is pretty much it. Cool.

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