Gaming Hacks Released

November 10, 2004

‘Gaming Hacks’ officially released

Leading technical publisher O’Reilly has announced the release of its book Gaming Hacks (http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/gaminghks/), containing ‘100 Industrial-Strength Tips and Tools’ relating to video games.

Lead authored by Simon Carless, former Slashdot editor and current Managing Editor of industry site Gamasutra.com, the book also contains contributions on subjects as diverse as speed runs (from Radix and Morfans of the PlanetQuake Speed Demos Archive), audio and video gaming setups (from Penny Arcade’s AV expert, Stormy), Unreal modding (from Make Something Unreal award winners Demiurge Studios), interactive fiction (from noted IF authors Adam Cadre and Andrew Plotkin), machinima (from Strange Company’s Hugh Hancock), Japanese translation (from Wired News’ Chris Kohler), MMO tips and hacks by Michael Zenke (current Slashdot Games editor) and much more, as well as an introductory foreword from Valve Software’s Half-Life series writer, Marc Laidlaw.

The book’s official homepage includes sample PDF versions for 5 of the hacks.
(source: ffwd)

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