City of Heroes Trick or Treating Guide

October 29, 2004

— City of Heroes Trick or Treating Guide —

Trick or Treating –
To participate in the weekend event, simply click on a door. Where normally you get the message “The Door is Locked” if you don’t have a mission behind the door, this weekend you get either a Trick or a Treat. You can click the same door as many times as you want. You will get either a Trick or a Treat every real time minute. You can only participate in a zone that is tuned for your level. IE, if you are Level 20ish, you can Trick or Treat in Talos Island or Independence Port.

Treats –
Treats are generally inspirations. They range in power from intro level to highest, cover all the types (attack, accuracy, healing, armor, endurance regeneration, rez, and effect nullification), and the type of inspiration you get has nothing to do with your level. Besides inspirations you will occasionally get enhancements (random also) or occasionally the temporary power of “Rock”. This is the power the punks in the tutorial have. It’s a low powered ranged attack. Mostly funny.

Tricks –
When you get a trick, the door will open and monsters will jump out. The monsters are tuned to the level of the person who opens the door. Monsters generally jump out in one of the following combinations:

3 Witches
1 Witch, 1 Crone
3 Zombies
1 Vampire, 1 Spirit
1 Vampire Lord
1 Werewolf, 1 Zombie
1 Werewolf, 1 Spirit
1 Vampire, 1 Spirit
3 Streng (Pumpkin Fir Bolgs)

By defeating holiday themed monsters, you can earn special holiday badges. Given that many of these creatures haven’t been seen until this point, some of these badges may not be earnable after this weekend.

Halloween Badges –

The Fir Bolg King (Eochai) doesn’t jump out of a door. He spawns randomly in zones. His level is almost always very high, corresponding to the level of the zone he’s in. To earn the Hallow Spirit badge you have to be on the team that kills the monster, doing the most amount of damage. He also spawns Strengs at his feet to assist him in his nefarious plans.


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  1. […] I may be the only one, of course, but I may be the only one who liked the City of Heroes and Star Wars Galaxies badge systems too. At the time I left CoH I had every site seeing badge I could get my sweaty paws around. I also did the Imperial Theme Park when really the only reason to do it was to get the badge. Again, I don’t care if anyone else ever sees these things. I want to be able to look back at my badges and remember that awesome time I did the Trick or Treating missions at Halloween, or the time I helped a bunch of people find that place on Tatooine and earned myself the “Ben Kenobi’s Old Home” badge. […]

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