Wrist Deep in Brains

October 17, 2004

Well, we survived!

Not only did we survive the actual experience, (though I am bumped and bruised more than I was on Friday) we successfully completed the LARP! This was undoubtedly the best Whately experiences I’ve had. No dying, no mineshafts, just some gravedigging, brain handling, and getting covered in encephelatic fluid.

Pictures available. Note: There is one spoiler picture in the gallery. If you’re going to be in the game, don’t look.

I don’t want to get too into the plot, because the internet is a vast and quixotic beast, and there are still more runs to go.

We Madison alums of Whately’s Monster are meeting up thiscoming Wednesday night to talk about our experiences, and I’ll take copious notes. Hopefully those notes will make it here after the last run has been completed.

All in all a ghastly good time. Many thanks again to the Freedmans for all the time and effort they annually put into these experiences. Next year: Whately’s Meddling Kids!

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