Have Driven The Couch Through Napland

October 7, 2004

It weirdly seems like I’ve been on the move all week. I really shouldn’t even take this time to stop and log, but what the hey. It’s my lunch hour.

Let’s back up to last weekend. Overall very quiet and much appreciated. Got a chance to log some hours on the couch a couple times, and generally laid low. The Sunday night game went very well. We had a particularly memorable session this time around: They finally met up with Pruth and sent him packing. Ben’s notes on the event are all the way down at the bottom of the log we’re keeping on the Cormyr page.

Tuesday I headed over to Brian and Kat’s to watch the debate. It was much more of a snoozer than the last one, more’s the pitty. As has been widely reported, while no one won the actual debate the mischaracterizations and lies that Cheney trotted out seem to be biting him the in ass now that the spin is on.

Friday night I’m heading out with Jeff and Viv to catch Lewis Black live. As such I’m not going to be able to watch the debate live, but will have to Tivo it. I’ll take notes on the laptop and mebbe do a post about it here.

Katie, Viv, and I finally got our characters for the Whately LARP, which is a little over a week away (on the 16th). I’m intrigued by my character this year and feel like I’m going to be perversely more comfortable with the role than I have been in the past. Here’s hoping things turn out this year.

I’m also likely to be here at work this weekend. That fills me with something, but it isn’t glee.

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