Lesbian Couch Movers, Inc.

October 1, 2004

Day in pictures
The most striking images from around the world on 1 October 2004.

Right, so…

Last night my mom and Mary Dee came over with the couch. They were extremely nice in helping me get the thing upstairs, unpacked, and into the living room. Thanks moms! Once we get the place spruced up a bit and put up the final pieces of art, I’ll take a bunch of pictures to replace the crappy ones in the current gallery. Still don’t really have a name for it, though…

Then I hotfooted it over to Alan’s place to watch the debate. My apologies to my friends and Alan’s neighbors for the loud cussing and laughter. I found the whole thing very invigorating, as apparently much of the country has. It was really excellent to see my candidate go up there and kick some ass. I’ve really wanted to see Bush lose it in front of a concentrated and thought-out Kerry onslaught, and boy did I ever! woo!

Hopefully he’ll take the momentum he’s started to build and carry it forward into future encounters and campaign events. He still sounded good this morning, while Bush came off as a sixth grader complaining “He said mean things to me!!”

This weekend, I have little to nothing planned. I plan on taking the couch for it’s first sleep-drive, though. I guess that’s a plan.

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