Tuccus Means Butt

September 25, 2004

Happy Birthday to me!

We’re currently working our tuccus’ off to get the place looking nice for company. We’re done with the kitchen and bedroom, just have to take care of the bathroom and living room and get the food set out.

Oh, and the new matress is so very very nice. I had no idea that matresses could be that comfortable! woohoo!

Next week the mightiest of my birthday presents comes: Le Couch o’ Doom!

Paul has some photos up regarding his teaching gig, and his night life out and about.Since it was my birthday party last night (photos later today) he gave me a call and we had a nice chat before his phone card gave out. Sounds like he’s doing really well. The most interesting thing he mentioned to me about Japanese society probably had to do with music and the pricing of local music vs. international music. Apparently, the 30-50 dollar price tags that japanese music has in the states is not entirely a result of the importation expenses. Japanese music routinely goes for that much in Japan, while US music goes for only 15 bucks or so because of the demand. Crying shame that they can get their hands on bands from many thousands of miles away easier than they can their own countries music.

Also, to the japanese folks who regularly read my website as a result of Paul’s teaching: Moshi Moshi. Hajimemashite watashi wa Michael-san desu.

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