Couch Purchasing, Food Providing

September 23, 2004

As I said we would yesterday, Katie and I were escorted about town searching for couches with Mom and Mary Dee. We found one at Ashley Furniture on the east side of town. A really nice Durapella number with a dark green colour, a deep seat with wide armrests, and free-floating back cushions. The cushions are great, cuz they mean I’ll be able to take one off the back and throw it onto the armrest for sle…I mean, watching TV. We may have to rearrange the living room a bit to get it to fit, as it’s a longish piece of furniture.

After shopping, I dragged Katie with me to Heather and Erik’s, where we provided food for Joe and hung out. Weird, I know. Many thanks to my wonderful friends (and my fiance) for putting up with my odd shenanigans.

Today at lunch I continued the furniture shopping extravaganza and purchased a new matress. Ouch. And I thought the couch was bad. The matress we’re picking up tomorrow, but regrettably we won’t be able to snag the couch until next week. So it goes. Would have been nice to have for the shindig on Saturday, though.

And now, I’m off to do some Eberron gaming. Warforged represent, and such.

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