Laborous Day

September 10, 2004

Another end to the week comes, though quickly this time because of Labour Day. Thanks for giving me a Holiday Unions!

Aside from seekrit things that I can’t talk about, pretty typical week. The chargen session went pretty well last night, and I put out our first Campaign Newsletter. I am definately looking forward to things(tm) with that campaign.

I have been having connectivity problems at home ever since the cable modem was installed last month. We finally got someone out to the apartment, and apparently it was a 15 minute fix thanks to a botched install job. Shame on you, cable-guy McGee! But now I have faster internet speeds and I’m going to get my account debited because of the screwup. Now if I can get my landlord to replace my broken screen door I’ll be set.

Sounds like we’re heading over to Chalet De Smet this evening to partake in some Babylon 5. We have a very few episodes of the series left, but it’s becoming increasingly hard to watch because 1.) We don’t live with them any more, and more importantly 2.) It’s hard to care about a show that is fast dropping below the level of quality I enjoyed in the earlier seasons.

They just started showing the 2003 Season of the West Wing on Bravo, and I fear I may be experiencing much the same thing there, as well. Blarg.

I was in the grocery store last night, and I saw a display for some Halloween Bellywashers. My first reaction was “Ugh, those things are gross!” My second reaction was “Why is there Halloween stuff out?” Then I realized that it is only a month and a half to Halloween, so of course Halloween stuff is out. I’m half suprised that Turkey Bellywashers weren’t right next to them. Blech.

Aside from laundry and a little picking up, need to run to mom’s to pick up some frames this weekend. Other than that I think I get to ‘lax out.

Later, Humans.

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