Kitchen Confidential

August 16, 2004

Just finished reading Kitchen Confidential, by Anthony Bourdain. Brian lent the book to me, and I should have expected that someone who works in a restaurant would have amusing recommendations for books in the industry. Heather and Erik (two people who, though they may never use horrible genetics to make a monster, know food) also recommended the book highly on Friday at Jabbyville.

At that point I was only about a chapter or two in, and wasn’t entirely sure about it. The author’s past is a drug-using, beer-swilling, sex-addled wash. So, as you can imagine, the book is great. He has an engaging and personable writing voice, and the buccaneering tendencies of he and his krewe made them come off more as affable scoundrels than real jerks.

This book is entirely worth a read simply for the chapters on the restauranteering business. The chapter entitled “A Day in the Life”, is especially fantastic.
Well worth a read.

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