August 14, 2004

I had a wonderful evening at Jabbyville. It was really nice to see everybody, and we had some good conver-sating. Much different from the half-cogent ramblings of our high school days. Damn us.

Now that we’re home, I’m watching the Olympia Opening Ceremony.

  • Bob Costas, my arch foe. We meet again.
  • A guy drumming in the middle of a stage isn’t a bridge to anything.
  • What the hell does a boy in a “paper” boat have to do with anything?
  • If a host country didn’t do squat for three years before getting in gear, they should be fired.
  • The head breaking up into the individual statues was pretty cool.
  • I love how stuff represents stuff in the opening ceremony. “As the pieces of the statue fall to the water, they are supposed to represent the many Greek islands.” Umm…okay.
  • Presidential Guard units have 400 pleats, one for each year of supression before they gained their independence. Katie: “I feel sorry for their seamstresses.”
  • Pregnant women’s tummies aren’t supposed to light up like that.
  • Oooo! Shiny DNA!
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