Generics Often Save The Day

August 12, 2004

A week, a week, a week like any other.

Monday involved quietude at home. Stayed in under the slate-gray sky and enjoyed some World of Warcraft.

Tuesday Katie and I swung by the airport to pick up the Giacomini’s minivan so that they wouldn’t have to pay parking ramp rates x 2 weeks. After we’d snagged the van we headed over to Mom’s place to pick up my treadmill. We finally have room for it in our home, so the word I’m looking for is yay!

Wednesday we went over to Alan’s for about two hours just to hang out with Alan and Aaron. We talked a bit and watched Alan play Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. Then we got ice cream.

Tonight I’m helping out Rebecca with a computer issue. Hopefully that won’t take too long. I would like to get the tread set up and work on some contract stuff.

On the morrow I will be attending a party at Jabbyville, which lies over the bridge of Khazad-Dun. It’s most scary.

Gen Con screwed up part of my registration for next week, so I might not be able to participate in the BuffyLarp with Alan and Katie. I would be teh pissed if that happened. Here’s hoping that generics save the day.

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