Who Needs Free Time?

August 6, 2004


Ahem. Anyway….another week here and gone. I found this week to be singularly relaxing. As I’ve mentioned a few times, this has been a really busy summer. As of now, though, it appears all I have left to worry about is finishing setting up the apartment, buying a couch and a new matress, and going to Gen Con. I think I can handle that.

A nice, relaxing week all around. Hung out with Eva and Alan a few times. Sounds like a week from today I’m going to get to check out Jabbyville, the official pad(tm) of Joe and Abby. That should be a kick.

I’ve been trying to get jumpstarted on planning for the Cormyr game, but the differentness of the gamestyle I want to go for is throwing me a bit. It’s been a long while since I ran dungeon crawls, and I’m finding it difficult to get back into the mindset. Plus, I’m not a very good mapmaker. Ask my SR players about the bathrooms.

I have “plans” to fill my suddenly more freeish time with, because playing videogames, cleaning, washing dishes, etc. aren’t enough for me. Tune in for further developments.

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