July 26, 2004


A long, long weekend over and done with. I actually feel pretty good considering how much running around we did yesterday. Many many thanks to Pete Giacomini, Ben, Alan, Eva, and Brian. Katie and I couldn’t have done it without you.

Friday the girl and I headed south to see Paul off. We stayed in a veeerrry sleazy Ramada by the airport, hung out with Paul and his friends, saw my Dad and Grandma, had some pizza, and then said goodbye to my bro on Saturday morning. He’s already gotten back to us, and he arrived safely. I hope he has a really good time this next year.

I hope I do too! Saturday we did a little bit of moving after getting back from Chicago. That evening we headed out for a par-tay at Ben’s place. Had to flee early from that so we could move and pack more stuff to prepare for Sunday.

Sunday we started relatively early, around 9 am, moving stuff to the new apartment. Katie’s folks showed up very promptly around 10, and a steady stream of people showed up during the day to assist with the move. We have a ton of stuff, but many hands made the work doable, and we were completley done around 5 o’ clock. We still have a few small things at the Birdhouse, but we’ll have those out of there probably by Wednesday.

A week or two of unpacking, sorting, etc, etc, looms in the future. Hooray.

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