Brother In Translation

July 16, 2004

Last night Katie, Alan, Eva, and I headed over to Jeff and Viv’s to watch Pirates of the Carribean. Johnny Depp is still the hotness. I took a little nap during it too, and was (according to my fiancee) very cute.

Tonight I’m apparently making an appearance at my brother’s home for a going away shindig he’s throwing. Katie will be lending him her digital camera to start his Japanese experience.

According to my notes, Paul is going to assist the English teacher at Tokorozawa Nishi high school in Saitama Prefecture. He’ll be doing his “visit” school duties at Kawagoe Technical High School. I’ve been made privy to some of the preperations being made for his arrival, and they’re substantial. Guido, I’m sure everything is going to turn out okay.

This weekend we’ll be packing. I’m going to finish my EQ review tonight or tomorrow, then hopefully get my hacks edits done by the end of the weekend.

Thanks again to the fine Obarski folk for their boxenly help.

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