Keeping Up With The Wilsons

July 13, 2004

As I mention on my recently updated info page, I’m reading through Joseph Wilson’s book at the moment.

Joe Wilson is the gentleman who is married to Valerie Plame, the woman that Novak revealed to be a CIA operative. You may have have heard of them.

The book is surprisingly good. What could have been a pretty dry recitation of facts and datum has a very personal quality to it. This is largely thanks to the novelistic approach Wilson (or his ghostwriter) took in relating the events.

Beyond just the basics of the recent scandal, Wilson covers a good deal of his background (including his time working in Africa and Iraq) and his experiences as a career political officer in embassy positions.

I’m enjoying it a lot so far. If you’re interested in a good look at American politics from a guy who’s been in the trenches for the past few decades, The Politics of Truth is a good pick.

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