Gamer Woe

July 12, 2004

First day back to work after what seems like a long string of busy, busy weeks. Still more busy time up ahead as Katie and I get ready to move to our new place. GenCon is also going to be in the offing mid-August, which should be excellent.

With the move and such coming up, I feel the need to be thrifty, but with 4 books already out that beg to be bought (Serpent Kingdoms, GURPS Dragons, Shadows of The Last War, and The Planar Handbook), it’s going to be hard to do that at the Con of Cons. At the very least I’m going to have to purchase the 30th anniversary D&D coffee table book. Beyond that, there will probably be a new SR book out sometime in the next few months, MMIII is coming out in September, and Sharn:City of Towers will be out in November.

Sniffle. Feel my gamer woe.

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