Wacky Backy

July 2, 2004

Yesterday morning saw me in the clinic over on the west side. I have come down with a (thankfully) mild case of strepp throat. Penicillin administered by a gentleman there are the doctor’s office is apparently making short work of the bacteria that has been bugging me since Sunday.

I’m completely exhausted, though. Last weekend and being ill have spanked me something fierce. I look forward to a three day weekend where I have effectively nothing to do. Hooray!

Sunday afternoon there is a get together at Heather’s folks’ place. Burning meat on the grill and hanging with the humans sounds like a rocking way to spend some time.

I read my way though Eberron this week. I think I might set my campaign there after I finish up Cormyr. That should be a hoot.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to attempt to make it home without wrapping my vehicle around any lightpoles.

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