On The Road Again

June 29, 2004

An eventful week has precluded my posting on the site, despite intermitten internet access at Origins. For this, I apologize. We’re dragging on throught the home stretch before Brian’s wedding and the girl and I’s new apartment. June just whipped right past me, and I’m sitting here trying to get my brain in order so that I can be prepared for July.

An update on reality, as per me.

The trip to Ohio was a very tiring but fun time. We were relatively popular at the Con and (lord above help me) we might be invited back again next year. We are going to be running three sessions at Gen Con because they asked us why we weren’t there, and are planning on asking them if they’d like to make our relationship more formal as well when the time comes around. Should be interesting.

I had the opportunity to listen to a discussion by Mr. Jack Emmert, lead designer for City of Heroes, and to talk to him afterward. It was very cool, and I’m going to have the results of that up tomorrow on the Dot to look at.

As for the book, the chapter is almost done. The web page for the book that I sent out a while ago, that dissapeared for a while, is back up. I’m adding it to the left hand navigation under MMORPGDot. I spent about 4 hours with my editor last night going over stuff via IM, and things look pretty good. Either I’m going to come off as a pretending jackass, or a semi-competent writer. Should be interesting to see how the video game press takes to the book. It is scheduled to be released in September (Happy Birthday to me!).

More later, and pictures hopefully, if I can get the Galley working again. Until then…

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