No Cape

June 18, 2004

I have been neglecting my poor site here all month. I can only do so many things, ya know?

Yesterday was extremely productive on the LRPC side of life. We basically have everything planned and plotted out. Now we just need to do it. Hopefully Katie and Eva (Alan’s lovely and talented S.O.) will be able to get a bunch of stuff knocked out today. Seems like everyone is off today except me.


Luckily it’s a quiet day around the office. People have been vacationing all week and it’s been nice not to have to think too much for a change. I have a feeling the two days I’m going to be in here next week are going to be uncomfortable, but whatcha gonna do?

Tonight is a B-Day party for Jenni B at Erik and Heathers. That should be fun. Always nice to see people.

Next week fast approaches, and I’ve given myself even more to prepare for. Mr. Jack “The Statesman” Emmert of NCSoft has agreed to do an interview with me. Here’s hoping that goes well. (And mebbe I can pimp myself a little.)

Maybe this weekend I’ll get the chance to finish uploading those Disney pics. wooten.

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