Bachelor Partied Hardy

June 16, 2004

I had a great weekend!

The party went very well, even better than I could have hoped. Everyone was a gentleman, and I got a few compliments as well. I’m very glad to have had the chance to do it. Katie threw a bridal shower for Kat on the same day, and it went smashingly too. Here’s hoping the rest of Brian and Kat’s wedding stuff goes off as smashingly.

Monday I played some more City of Heroes with Jeff, Viv, Aaron, and Erich. A nice quiet night all around punctuated by the Zappy sound Jacob’s Ladder makes when he puts a punk down.

Yesterday night was spent at the De Smet’s painting and organizing for the LRPC-24-hrs-of-gaming-doom thingie next week. IE: Origins. Alan talks about it a bit on his site.

This week I’m finishing up my loose ends on this writing thing I’ve been doing. When we get back from Origins the wedding will be soon afterwards, with the Birdhouse dismantling during rest of July. Katie and I are moving into our new place the week of July 23rd. August will be so very, very nice.

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