Future Films

June 3, 2004

A somewhat quiet day at work, but I’m all good. I got about 8 hours sleep last night, which is much better than I’ve been doing of late. The last few days around now (about 3pm), I’ve been ready to roll over and fall asleep. Not so today.

Tonight and tomorrow I have a freelance web thingie meeting to attend. The one tonight is a new client and tomorrow is an update session. I hope the new person tonight goes well. This would be a more steady paycheck than the other two I’m working on currently are.

Katie and I are thinking about seeing a late showing of Shrek 2 tonight since most other folks who wanted to have at this point. I also want to see Day After Tomorrow, but somehow I think I’m going to have to see that by myself. Lots of movies on my mind at the moment. Tomorrow we’ve got tickets to see the new Potter film, and are meeting up with humans to do so. Should be fun. The Chronicles of Riddick, Farenheit 9/11, Bourne Supremacy, Spider-Man 2, The Village, and Alien vs. Predator all open this summer. Should be interesting to see how many of those I actually get to.

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