May 25, 2004

First day back has been pretty quiet. Got started on a project at work and right now I’m trying to get my act in gear here at home. We have a ton of Filmore to work through, so I’ll be watching some of that while I try to get some work done. Hopefully I can get this backlog of freelance stuff taken care of soonish so I can write up my experiences at WDW while they’re still fresh. I have photos and a video or two to show off. I’ll have the photos up in a Gallery before the end of the evening so you can at least see those.

Here’s the one paragraph synopsis:

Walt Disney World is an extremely cool place. If you pick the right time of year, the right place to stay, and the right things to do you can have just as magical an experience in your 20s as you can as a kid. Every day we were there we did or saw something that blew us away. Philharmagic, Fantasmic, and our dinners at “Victoria and Albert’s” and the “Rose and Crown Pub” were my personal favorite moments.

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