Peep Peep

May 5, 2004

I feel like such a bad father, it’s 5 days into the new month and I haven’t said a peep around here.

I was so swamped with work and writing on Monday that I bowed out of my RD column. I’m going to have to scramble to get my WoW editorial up for tomorrow.

Tonight I have a business meeting after work, then Katie and I are going to be attending a performance of the Reduced Shakespeare company. Should be entertaining in the extreme. I don’t know what we’re doing for dinner. I am downtown so infrequently….anyone have any suggestions?

Cool article over on Salon today putting the history of the presidency in some context. Basically, Bush, his dad, and Reagan are the people we really have to blame. The Republicans weren’t really all that bad prior to them. Stupid Barry Goldwater-style conservatism. Bah.

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