New Masters

April 22, 2004

Jolt acquires RPGDot network

Popular RPG news portal levels-up with additional servers and download capability.

London, 22nd April 2004 ‘Jolt, Europe’s largest independent online gaming network, has ventured forth into the realms of role-playing and found a likely adventuring companion in the form of the RPGDot network. After two months of ale-swilling, orc-slaying, more ale-swilling and possibly some serious discussions, it was agreed that Jolt would provide valuable new equipment in return for RPGDot�s keen eye and steady hand when it comes to
tracking down and reporting the latest news and developments in the unpredictable world of video game RPGs.

The deal means that Jolt will take ownership of http://www.RPGDot.com and all of its subsites, including http://www.MMORPGDOT.com. RPGDot will receive financial backing from Jolt, which includes the provision of new servers for web and file hosting, as well as for online RPGs. RPGDot will continue to be run in exactly the same manner as its growing community has come to expect.

Said Dominic Silk, Jolt’s level 36 CEO, “Tis great to be involved with a good bunch of chaps who know their Harps from their Elf Bows. We look forward to the long term benefits that this highly advantageous arrangement will bring.”

Whether or not that includes better ale is not known. Details of treasure-sharing arrangements were not revealed.’

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