Rarebit Has Nothing To Do With Bunnies

April 20, 2004

Hey there!

A good weekend was had by me. Saturday was gratuitously relaxed. The only reason I put on pants was because the brothers De Smet came over late in the day to hang out. We played a game involving sheep. baaa.

Sunday’s game was okay. I needed to do some catching up and plot-moving, so it wasn’t especially riveting. Next week will be more heart poundy. Dinner was good though. I made Welsh Rarebit from Alton’s Toast Modern episode. Numtacular. Speaking of Alton, make sure and check out Iron Chef America this friday. He’s going to be a colour commentator. (And maybe someday…a contestant!)

Yesterday evening I spent like four hours talking with Alan, Aaron, and Brian in little pavilion near a recently erected shopping mall, after visting a “Cheeseburger in Paradise” restaurant. Gawd it was annoying. We have voted never to return.

Tonight I’m having dinner with Paul, just cuz I can. w00t.

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