Lots of XP From Dust Bunnies

April 7, 2004

Whoo I’m tired today.

Yesterday Katie and I got inspired and tackled our bedroom in a wrestler move o’ cleaning. We completely rearranged our furniture, dusted, vacuumed…the place looks great now. We still need to clean the closet (prolly this weekend) and deal with some piles of stuff that we don’t have spaces for. We’re probably going to be hitting up Target or Shopko for a bookshelf, a file cabinet, and the like.

Alfred, regrettably, needs to have a sleepover with the nice Saturn folks. He’s been doing weird things lately, and they want to check him out some more. It would only be one night except for some as yet unexplained reason they … don’t work on Wednesdays. /shrug

I think I have a meeting today. I hate meetings.

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