Need Saturn Parts PST

April 6, 2004


Sorry about no post yesterday. Stayed home. Again. This is the last time for quite a while. I don’t care how bad I feel, I’m out of sick days. Grr…hate feeling like this.

Put up a throwaway Beta Journal yesterday on MMORPGDot. I feel bad about that. Have to do another barn burner on Thursday to make up for it.

The weekend went well. Friday we hit The Avenue Bar for the fish fry, and a good time was had by all. Afterwards a few of us retired to Alan’s place for a showing of The Bourne Identity. That may just be my favorite spy flick. V. good. I look forward to the sequel this summer.

Saturday passed quietly and quickly, with Sunday mostly consisting (for me at least) of the SR game. We’ve gotten back to the Plot again, and the players seem please-ed. As am I.

After work today I am taking Alfred in for some much needed maintenence. Hopefully I will be able to drive him home. Other than that this should be a pretty quiet week.

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