Quite a Large Body of Water

March 30, 2004

Last night Katie, Erik, Joe, Abby, and I went to a Great Big Sea concert (be warned, their site has music). It kicked the proverbial ass. They were in an extremely good mood and I think were very surprised at the turnout for a Monday night concert. They have a new album out (the reason they’re touring) and so they played a goodly number of songs off of that album. They were all very good, going to need to pick that up at some point. The reason that I (and from the shouts, the rest of the crowd) was there, though, was for the oldies. Some of the songs from their set list (in no order):

  • General Taylor
  • End of the World as we Know it
  • Ordinary Day
  • Beat the Drum
  • Sea of No Cares
  • Mari Mac
  • Consequence Free
  • I’m a Rover
  • When I’m Up (I can’t get down)
  • The Old Black Rum
  • Rant and Roar
  • The Night Pat Murphy Died
  • Chemical Worker’s Song

As I said, they were in a really good mood, and were quite quite funny. Best quote of the evening:

“So, you heard it here first, folks. Sean McCann, he’s not gay; He likes the boobies.”

Afterwards we hit up Old Chicago for food and stayed out waaay too late. Awesome night.

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