Dwarven Pride

March 25, 2004

I have a moment now that I’m done with lunch, so I thought I’d fill you in a bit on my Wow experience beyond what I’ve relayed in my Beta journals. Right now I’m primarily playing Grodin, a dwarven warrior. He specializes in 1H Axe/Sheild combat, and he’s currently level 14. I’ve got him as a miner/blacksmith for tradeskills, but I’ve been so happy with questing and mob-slaying that I haven’t given my tradeskilling the attention I would like to. I have a ton of ore sitting in my pack, though, so next time I make it to a forge I’m going to be working on a lot of pieces of armor. Grodin is currently campaigning in the area west of the Elwynn Forest, known as Westfall. Westfall is a creepy rural area with dead crops and dried ground as far as the eye can see. It’s designed for characters from the early to late teens, with the dungeon known as the DeadMines being a big draw for characters even later than that.

Besides Grodin, I’m exploring the other classes and races as well. I have a Night Elf Preist named Daereass and a human magess named Andreya. Neither of them are above level 7…Grodin is my boy, after all.

Last night I spent the short amount of time I spent playing putting together some stew. A woman in one of the dilapidated farms near the northern edge of westfall wanted my help in gathering the ingredients for a stew of her own design. And what a delicious sounding stew it was! The ingredients were: 3 Murloc Eyes (Murlocs are weird little fish-people), 3 Goretusk Snouts (big boars), 3 chucks of stringy vulture meat, and 3 handfuls of okra. Mmmm….does a body good.

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