Visitors, From The Outside! Ooooo!

March 18, 2004


So…this has been a pretty amazing week. I am so tired, though.

I’ve done a lot of writing and improvements to the site this week. My 15 minute breaks and lunch hours at work + time at home has been very well spent this week. I have had two editorials up on MMORPGDot this week, and might have a third tomorrow if Ekim isn’t on the mend for then.

I’ve gotten a lot of visitors to the site in the past two days, too. WoW Forum visitors, Terra Nova readers, MMORPGDot readers, and Slashdot readers (about 75 of them) have walked in on my effusive self-directed rant that I call a web site.

And, I’ve been having lots of fun! Katie and I have been playing EQ on and off this week, and I’ve been digging on Diablo 2. On the Norrathian front we’re this close to level 20, at which point we can partake of LDoN content and I can get started on a review. I whipped through the first Act of D2 in about three days. I’m reluctant to really get started in Lut Gholen because of the number of thingies I’m juggling atm.

The way this week is going…I hope the weekend is this cool.

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