My Favourite Kind of Falcon

March 1, 2004

I had a very nice weekend. Friday evening Alan, Katie, and I watched the Maltese Falcon. It’s still a pretty darn good movie, but repeated viewings reveal more and more the age of the film and do not bear kindly on the likes of Sam Spade & Co.

Saturday we went out to dinner to meet up with some folks after they’d seen a movie and then headed back to our place afterwards for some talky. I know I had a really good time, and everyone seemed to be in a pretty fair mood. Pictures were taken, if you are interested.

Then Sunday night the game went as well as I could have hoped. I’m not sure this session will go down with the players as their favorite, but I had a blast. Plot twists and tracking devices and dead dogs, oh my!

Looks to be a slow week. Hopefully not slow like last week’s ‘I feel like I want to die’ couple of days, but not much on the block. Tonight Katie and I are heading to a movie, and I’m making dinner. Keilbasa and pasta. w0rd.

I have no problem with this, or this, but …why this?

Oh yeah…they got it right for once.

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