There are Gardens of Olives?

February 26, 2004

Well, I didn’t get that much sleep, but things are pretty good just the same.

I have been sickish for the past two days, and out of work. I’m back today, and feeling about a hundred percent better.

Managed to get out and see my aunts yesterday for dinner (with Katie, who is also sick). It was my aunt Norine’s birthday recently, so we hit the Olive Garden. Tonight Katie and I are taking a look at some one-bedrooms at Nantucket.

We have been helped through the sickness by the loving embrace of Everquest. I have been so twitching for a MMOG lately that finally I couldn’t stand it any more. We are now up to level 12, and enjoying Blackburrow inordinately.

This weekend may see some more skating. Maybe this time I’ll remember my camera.

Speaking of EQ, this is simply amazing.

As is this, wherein Wil states a most excellent statement about his beliefs.

Then, I thought I would share this with you. One of my guildies has been a photobug during his excursions into FFXI. Very fun.

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