Dem Dum Demos

February 17, 2004

Hey there!

It’s democratic primary day! If you’re a dem and you haven’t voted yet, go do it! If you’re wondering, Dean, and No on DeJope.

After I voted I went over to Edgewood H.S., and saw Mr. Kevin Tahaney. Mr. Tahaney (who I apologize to if I am spelling his last name wrong) was my most excellent religion teacher while in HS. We chewed the fat and he complimented my mom. Then I stole Alan from the CS department and forced him to have lunch with me.

All in all, I had a good lunch hour and half.

Tonight I’m all about the errands. The library, Pegasus Games, grocery store. I plan on doing reading only at the Peg. The End of Days books are coming out for the World of Darkness, and I feel inclined to take a look if for no other reason than nostalgia value.

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