Quivey’s Can Result In Torpor

February 16, 2004

It’s Monday! This week I deviate from my course a bit and talk about the end of Mythica. Most regrettable, that.

This weekend was one of the best one’s I’ve had in a long time. For more than just the obvious reasons.

Saturday we went out to lunch, hung out with Alan for about an hour or so talking about his game, and then lazed about at home before heading to dinner. (Tough Day)

Quivey’s was amazing. Very very good food.

Sunday we actually celebrated the confirmation of our impending union by cleaning. We did a number on the bathroom, kitchen, and our bedroom. We can now walk successfully through our room without risking injury to life or limb. Katie spent a sizable portion of the day pawing at her anniversary present: a Gamecube. We’re already borrowing Alan’s cube and his games, so we’ll probably be giving that back to him sometime soon. Prince of Persia may need to stay on with us for a little while, though.

Today I am trying my damndest to stay awake. I got a usual night’s sleep for me last night but this morning I was the walking dead. I have resorted to chocolatification as a way to survive the post-lunch energy drain. I hope I make it to 5.

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